Public Art in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a modern mega-city with a large and diverse ethnic population. This site documents public art works, sculptures and sculptural works, some landscape-based public art, mosaics, and murals, in the downtown area, the University of Southern California, and other places within the metropolitan boundaries. It does not document temporary or performance-based public art. The web site is by no means comprehensive!

Public Art in Los Angeles is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Dennis V. Thomison, USC Libraries. The web site is a personal endeavor; however, it has benefited from information provided by people and agencies with interest in public art.

Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement of the artists and their works, or of the authors of this site.

Many people and agencies provided me with information for this Web site. I would like to particularly mention The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. I am also indebted to the files and publications given to me by Michael Several, and to the information provided in "Spine" by Jud Fine, "Downtown Los Angeles; A Walking Guide" by Robert Herman, and "Street Gallery" by Robin Dunitz. I also want to thank Curtis Roseman, professor of Geography at USC, who led me and others on several walking tours of the downtown area, allowing me to photograph many of the works included in this web site. The University of Southern California Libraries provided me with the financial support to develop this site.

Additional information about the city may be found through The City of Los Angeles Government Page and Los Angeles Downtown News sites.

For information regarding this page, contact Ruth Wallach, USC Libraries. (This page last updated 4/2010)