Historical Background

1982, Mark DiSuvero. 50' x 40'w, 444 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles.
Weighing 25 tons, this large work constructed from 13 I-beams rises from the building's concourse level. The building's architect, David Martin of Albert C. Martin and Associates, selected the site for the work, but DiSuvero aligned "Shoshone" to frame the Bonaventure Hotel like an easel. DiSuvero painted his tall sculpture two tones of red to enhance its visibility from the street. He planned to suspend an I-beam from a dangling chain attached to the top of the $150,000 sculpture where two holes are punched. However, this component was never installed because "Shoshone" was inadequately funded.(1)


1. Interview with Richard Bellamy by Michael Several, October 10, 1985.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, January 1999.

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