Katherine Cheung (Aviatrix)

Carol Nye, 1994. Metro Plaza, Cesar Chavez Blvd. Chinatown, Los Angeles. Temporary work, removed as of April 2000.

Katherine Sui Fun Cheung (1904- ), was the nation's first licensed Asian American aviatrix and in 1935 became a member of the "99 Club", an exclusive club of women pilots that elected Amelia Ehrhart as president. Cheung was born in China and studied music at USC. After learning to fly, she participated in air shows and air races. But at age 38, after an inexperienced pilot crashed her plane, she promised her dying father, who was opposed to her flying, that she would give it up. After World War II, she operated two flower shops with her husband.

Text available courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, September 1998.

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