Chinatown Gateway

Designed by Ruppert Mok, Broadway Boulevard, north of Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Chinatown, Los Angeles. Dedicated in 2001. The accompanying sign reads:
"Los Angeles' historic Chinatown has long served as a gateway for countless Chinese and Asian immigrants coming to the United States. Co commemorate this historic fact, the Los Angeles Chinatown Community, Cith of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency Chinatown Redevelopment Project, Cultural Affairs Department General Services, and Department of Water and Power entered into a unique public and community partnership to construct the Chinatown Gateway Monument at North Broadway and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue. The Chinatown Gateway Monument is a strong visual symbol of mutual cooperation, harmony and prosperity for the Community and the City. The Gateway honors the rich ancestry, culture and history of the Chinatown Community. The Chinatown Gateway also signifies a warm welcome to all visitors to Chinatown and the City of Los Angeles. The Chinatown Gateway Monument was dedicated in June 2001. In 2004 an official lighting ceremony celebrated the illumination of the two golden dragons."

"The majestic dragons above the clouds usher in good luck and harmony. This Gateway and the Chinatown skyline reflect the community' prosperity. We came from far away--crossing the ocean to seek our dreams; Together we have worked to create our new homeland. Hundred years of success were brought about by our forefathers; Continual prosperity relies on our children from generation to generation. Blue skies and blooming flowers can be seen everywhere; But these roots in Chinatown are forever the heart of our family."

The same text is also printed in Chinese.

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