Chinese Celestial Dragon

Tyrus Wong, 1941, restored by Fu Ding Cheng, 1984. New Chinatown Center Plaza, Los Angeles.

The following text is from the book "Chinatown in Los Angeles," written by Jenny Cho, p. 68. The book was published by Arcadia Publishiing in 2009:

"Artist Tyrus Wong painted the Chinese Celestial Dragon mural in New Chiantown's Central Plaza in 1941. After immigrating to the United States from Toishan, China, Wong and his father lived in Old Chinatown's Ferguson Alley. His artistic talent was recognized by his junior high school instructor who encouraged him to apply to Otis Art Institute. His father and the Chinese community raised funds to pay for his tuition. Wong graduated at the top of his class and became one of the first Chinese Americans employed by Walt Disney Studios."

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