Ruby Ling Louie, (librarian)

Carol Nye, 1994. Metro Plaza, Cesar Chavez Blvd. Chinatown, Los Angeles. Temporary work, removed as of April 2000.

Ruby Ling Louie, Ph.D. (1931- ), a community activist and librarian, spearheaded the successful effort to bring a branch of the Los Angeles Public Library to Chinatown. Born in Chicago, she moved with her family to Los Angeles where her parents owned curio shops in "China city," the site of the Metro Plaza Hotel. After receiving her B.A. from UCLA, she obtained a doctorate in Library Science from USC in 1976. A member of community boards as well as city-wide organization, Dr. Louie wishes to be known primarily as a librarian for young people.
Text available courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, September 1998

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