Seto Yiu Hai, Mama Quon (Restauranteur)

Carol Nye, 1994. Metro Plaza, Cesar Chavez Blvd. Chinatown, Los Angeles. Temporary work, removed as of April 2000.

Yui Hai Seto, (1899 - ) known as Mama Quon, is a restaurateur and the active owner of the Grand Star Restaurant, where she cooked until the age of 95. Born in China, she moved with her husband and two children to Los Angeles in 1926. In 1931, they returned to China but moved back to the United States a few years later because of Japanese aggression in China and civil unrest. After World War II, she and her husband opened their restaurant in Chinatown. Mama Quan has been a longtime member of the Chinese Women's Club and has been honored and recognized by civic organizations and civic leaders, including Mayor Tom Bradley and President Ronald Reagan. Note: According to the August 1999 newsletter of the Southern California Chinese Historical Society, Mama Quon died at the age of 101.

Text available courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, September 1998.

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