Fine Arts Building

Walker and Eisen architects. Interior figures done by The Batchelder Tile Company. Interior bronze sculptures and massive exterior sculptures by Burt William Johnson. Building completed in 1927. 811 West 7th Street (7th east of Figueroa), Los Angeles.

Information about the building below is from Architectural Digest, volume 6, no. 4, p. 37:

Art figures: Kendall & Delaney
Cabinet work: Commercial Fixture Company
Colton cement: Oro Grande Lime & Stone Company
Common brick: Simons Brick Company
Decorating: Heinsbergen Decorating Company
Elevator accessories: Randall Control & Hydrometric Corp.
Elevator motors: Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Company
Elevators, furnished and installed: Llewellyn Iron Works
Hardware: Earle Hardware Mfg. Company
Heating systems: Illinois Engineering Company
Lighting fixtures; The Meyberg Company
Ornamental iron, bronze & hollow metal doors: A. J. Bayer Company
Panel boards and main switchboards: Diamond Electrical Mfg. Company
Plumbing fixtures: Washington Iron Works
Structural steel fabricated and erected: Llewellyn Iron Works
Terra-cotta and hollow tile: Gladding, McBean & Company

Images and Background:

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