Billy Graham

Historic plaque, south-west of the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Hill Street, Los Angeles.

Text from the plaque: Billy Graham. At the corner of Washington and Hill Streets, the Reverend Billy Graham preached the gospel for eight weeks in the fall of 1949. It was the beginning of his national and international recognition as an evangelist. He was among the first to use motion pictures and television to communicate the good news around the globa. As an evangelist to the world, he has preached the gospel in over sixty countries to more people than any other man in history. His love of mankind, regardless of racial and religious background, has made him a friend of people in all walks of life. Dedicated on November 7, 1983. The celebration of Billy Graham's 65th birthday. County of Los Angeles: Peter F. Schabarum Supervisor 1st district. Kenneth Hahn supervisor 2nd district. Edmund D. Edelman suprvisor 3rd district. Deane DAna supervisor 4th district. Michael D. Antonovich supervisor 5th district. City of Los Angeles: Gilbert W. Lindsay councilman 9th district. Tom Bradley, Mayor.

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