Birds of the Southwest and Poetry by Wanda Coleman and Kate Braverman

1993, Poet's Walk, Grand Hope Park, Grand and 9th Streets, Los Angeles. Pergola features stencils of birds of the Southwest by Raul Guerrero, and poetry by Wanda Coleman and Kate Braverman.

many songs one city
Wanda Coleman
red black brown yello white, the colors of our hope
together we build our city, paving our streets in stars.

psalm for the angels
Wanda Coleman
desert man ocean woman mountain child river spirit wind
we live this land, plant our faith, harvest its wealth.

The Desert Wind Howls
Kate Braverman
The desert wind howls through her burned Spanish mouth
Dawn is a tale of intrigue carved in citrus and jasmine
Skies are tainted burgundy over hills of soiled pastels
sunset is lavender as a bruise from a drunken collision.

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