Omoide No Shotokyo

(Remembering Old Little Tokyo)

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville with Sonya Ishii

1996. Historic Little Tokyo, 1st St.

This is a public art project honoring Japanese Americans, their history and neighborhood. 1st St. of Little Tokyo is the only intact historical block of shops and apartments. The entire block has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The public art work is a side-walk which stretches along the block and includes images, written memories of several Japanese Americans, and a listing of the businesses which used to be in this area. Some landmark businesses on this stretch are Fugetsu Do, a confectionery shop at 315 1st St. (it originally started in 1903 on Weller St.), Kawasaki Hotel at 313 1st. St., and the Far East Cafe, 347 1st St. (started in 1937, now closed). Toyo Miyatake's camera is on the east end of the block, right next to the Japanese American National Museum. On the west side of the block is the Japanese Union Church of Los Angeles. Both buildings are designated as Los Angeles City Historic-Cultural Monuments.

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