Bibliography of resources

1. Memo from Jerry C. Matsukuma to Friends of Little Tokyo Arts, March 8, 1978, re: proposal for ceramic mural.

2. Letter from David Hyun and Les Hamasaki to Tom Furushiro, November 14, 1978, re: description of art projects at Japanese Village Plaza, with attached Contract Summary of Japanese Villagae Plaza Photo Mural.

3. Agreement, no date, between Friends of Little Tokyo Arts and Jerry C. Matsukuma.

4. Budget, August 1, 1980, re: Japanese American Ceramic Photo Tile Mural.

5. Press Release, February 2, 1981, Friends of Little Tokyo Arts.

6. "Little Tokyo Mural Dedicated to Japanese American Pioneers," Rafu Shampo, February 9, 1981.

7. Downtown News, February 17, 1981, photo.

8. Resume, no date, Jerry Matsukuma.

9. Interview of Cooke Sunoo by Michael Several, April 8, 1987.

10. Interview of Les Hamasaki by Michael Several, May 4, 1987.

11. Interview of Jerry Matsukuma by Michael Several, November 19, 1992.

The bibliography has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, November 1997.

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