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1989, Lawrence Charles Weiner (artist) and Carolyn Kizer (poet). 2'2"h x 28'l x .5"d. 725 S. Figueroa Street (Poet's Walk)
New York City is the publishing and advertising capital of the United States. Lawrence Weiner pays homage to the regional flavor of his hometown by using one of his region's most important products--words--for his installations. Since 1968, he has framed these works within a manifesto based on three fundamental principles:

1. The artist may construct the work
2. The work may be fabricated
3. The work need not be built

Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist
The decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership(1)

Though Weiner has executed numerous public art installations, particularly in the industrial cities of Northern Europe, "Overall," is his sole public art installation in Southern California and his first in the United States.(2) The regional flavor of New York City is captured by the display of words and emphasized by the incision of the text on a copper plate(3) that is reminiscent of the drab structures of New York City's elevated lines.

"Overall" relates to the passageway connecting the plaza with a lower-level shopping mall. Linked not by size, shape, scale or materials, the art and architecture are connected by movement. Weiner's "Under & Over/Over & Under/& Under & Over/& Over & Under," and Kizer's couplet "Time Over/Over Time" form a literary equation that summarizes the repetitive rhythm of the escalator steps passing underneath.


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Text provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, October 1999.

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