Information about this sculpture came from "A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County" June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement.

Artist: Goddard, S. M.

Title: "Spanish-American War Memorial" (7th Regiment Monument)

Location: Pershing Square, 5th and Grand, Los Angeles

Date of Manufacture 1900

Date of Installation: May 30, 1900

Foundry or Fabrication: N/A

Dimensions: 6'-5" x 2'-5" x 2'-5"

Base: 6'-10" x 5'-3" x 5'-0" (originally 14'-0" tall)

Plaque: Located on front of base

Inscriptions: 7th Cal. Inf. US V / {Names, companies, and daes of death of 20 soldiers who died.} Our Dead They Lie in Scattered Graves / These Silent Heroes of Our Battalions / War With Spain A.D. 1898 / ; Proper right side of base: Name, company and date of death of Herman H. I.

Siting: The scuplture is located in a grouping with the two other sculptures in the north/east corner of Pershing Square Park, called "Historic Court". Pershing Square is the oldest park in the city (previously was named Sixth Street and Central Park). The entire park is now located on the roof of a parking garage. This corner of the park is partially planted with a small grove of date trees. The found is surfaces with decomposed granite. The ground incones dowward west to east, approximately 10-15 degrees.

Description: This is the oldest sculpture in Los Angeles, Historical and Cultural Monument no. 480. It's base was originally twice as high. It was removed and relocated int eh recent (1993) redesign of the park. The scupture is composed of a life-size cared Vermont granite sculpture of a standing infantry soldier holding his rifle at rest. It is mounted on top of a four tiered California granite base. The base is a fraction of its original height. The surfaces are partially polished. The fron of the base is inscried with the names and dates of 21 soldiers who died dring the Spanish America War. "1900" is inscribed on the back of the base. On the bottom tier the letter sure raised and polished. On the second tier the base is polished and the lettering is incised. The third tier is treated the same as the same as second. On the fourth tier the lettering is raised and polished. The sides of the base are blank. The stones are set with white grout.

The figure is standing at parade rest. The hands meet at the stomach holding the barrel of a rifle. The sculpture is clothe in a compoosite of an officer's and an elishted man's uniforms. The soldier wears a hat, a cartridge belt, a canteen and a haversack. On the proper left side there is bayonet holder hanging from the belt.

The sculpture was dedicate on Memorial Day in 1900. It memorialized 21 Souther California volunteers who died while serving in the 7th Regiment during the Spanish American War.

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