Anthony B. Heinsbergen

Biographical Information

Anthony B. Heinsbergen (1894 -1981) moved from the Netherlands to Los Angeles in 1907.(1) Five years later, he moved to Seattle, where Alexander Pantages commissioned him to execute murals for his theaters. In 1922, Heinsbergen formed a company that subsequently decorated the interior of thousands of buildings, including the Fine Arts Building, The Roosevelt Building, the Biltmore Hotel, the Los Angeles City Hall, the Beverly Hills City Hall, and the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.(2) Heinsbergen, however, is best known for designing interior murals for movie theaters, including such Los Angeles landmarks as the United Artists, the Warner on Seventh Street, the Hollywood Pantages and the Wiltern.


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The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, May 1999.

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