Lili Lakich

Biographical Information

Lili Lakich (1944 - ), was born in Washington, D.C. She graduated from Pratt Institute in New York and the London School of Film Technique. In 1966, while at Pratt, she began creating neon sculpture. After moving to Los Angeles in 1968, Lakich had solo shows of her neon work at L.A. Louver Gallery and at Galerie au Fond de la Cour in Paris. In 1981, Lakich founded the Museum of Neon Art, which is the only museum in the world devoted to exhibiting, documenting and preserving neon art. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums in Europe, the United States and Japan, and has designed business signs, posters, book and album covers, and advertising for motion pictures.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, October 1999.

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