Information about this sculpture came from "A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County" June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement.

Artist: Hamrol, Lloyd

Title: " Uptown Rocker"

Location: 4th Street at Lower Grand Ave., Los Angeles ( Bunker Hill Area)

Date of Manufacture: 1984-1986

Date of Installation: 1986

Foundry or Fabrication: Contracting Company: Parr Contractor: Joseph Perazzelli

Dimensions: Sculpture: 30'x 65'x 4'; Base: 30'x 65'x 4'

Plaque: located on overhead bridge on Grand Avenue

Inscriptions: Uptown Rocker/ Lloyd Hamrol/ 1986/ Commissioned by/ The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles James M. Wood, Chairman. Tom Bradley, Mayor, City of Los Angeles/ Gilbert W. Lindsey, Councilman, Ninth District/ Special Thanks/ James Metz Artist's Representative. Parr Contracting Co., Contractor Joseph Parezzelli, P.E. Engineer. Continental-Hagan Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Ramer. Pacific Coast Cement Corporation Transit Mixed Cement

Siting: The sculpture is located in a traffic division on Fourth Street, below Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. There are four lanes of one way traffic going east. The Sculpture is accessible by foot but it is very difficult and requires crossing either one lane or four lanes of traffic. The sculpture is intended to function as part of the traffic island, inaccessible to pedestrians.

Description: The sculpture is composed of a semi- circular concrete base. On the base there are (6) painted steel, cut out shapes of automobiles mounted on the arch from one end of the curve to another. The concrete is coated with an anti-graffiti coating.

- Starting from the west the cars are colored yellow green, blue, black, white, and red.

- The sculpture was commissioned by the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles and donated to the City of Los Angeles.

- Publication: Downtown News 11/14/1988; Lloyd Hamrol: Works, Projects, Proposals; City of Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery March 18- April 13, 1986

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