Joyce Kozloff

Biographical Information

Joyce Kozloff (1942 - ), received a B.F.A. from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and an M.F.A. from Columbia University. Originally known as a painter, she has been involved with the Pattern and Decoration movement since visiting Mexico in 1973. Her gallery work, which contained decorative elements from diverse cultures, was augmented during the 1980's by mosaic and ceramic tile public art installations for transportation facilities in Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Wilmington, Delaware, San Francisco and Philadelphia. She also executed a tile installation, "The Movies: Fantasies and Spectacles," in the Metro Center Station below the Home Savings Tower. Her other public art works in the Los Angeles area are "Underwater Landscapes" at the Home Savings of America office in Irwindale, and "Pasadena, the City of Roses," at Plaza las Fuentes in Pasadena. She also executed twelve tile murals at the Tile Guild in Los Angeles for the Library of Mankato State University in Minnesota. Though she executed a work for the Washington DC National Airport in 1997, Kozloff has retreated from public art in recent years because of its increasing restrictions.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, January 2000.

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