Main Fountain

1992, WET Design and Arthur Erickson Architectural Corporation. Watercourt at California Plaza

The text below is from WET Design's web site,

"Envisioned as an urban gathering plaza within the heart of Los Angeles, the Watercourt at California Plaza is a synthesis of multiple water elements. WET Design collaborated with Arthur Erickson Architectural Corporation to develop a flexible arena for a variety of functions. At times accompanying a live performance, and at others as an event of its own, water transforms from a role of support to one of central elation and celebration."

"At its most robust, a massive wave crashes forth from the rear, and cascades over the stage and amphitheater steps into a pool below, while engulfing all of the sculptural elements of the site. WET incorporated an array of pulsing jets that are choreographed in a range of sequences to perform on the main stage. When there are other performances, a curtain of continuously flowing jets acts as a back drop for performers on the main stage."

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