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Lita Albuquerque, 1992. 550 S. Hope
Lita Albuquerque took the original concept that Paradise is an enclosed space, and applied it to the plaza behind the office tower. She delineated the edges of the plaza, anchored its center, and then incorporated elements that create a dialogue between the center and its borders. Since the Los Angeles Public Library is one border, Albuquerque mimicked the circle in the center of the building's pyramid tower with a 70' diameter "medallion" at the end of the cul-de-sac on Hope Street. A blue line divides the black granite stairway along the south side of the office tower and links a blue medallion on the sidewalk to a gold medallion on a 52' high black polished granite monolith. The plaza's northern entrance is marked by a copper sculptural gateway that is aligned with a fountain 250 feet away on the opposite side of the plaza. At the street level, a small room, enclosed at night and weekends by gold doors, is located underneath the black granite stairs. This room of memory has a video retelling the history of the Church of the Open Door, which formally occupied the site.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, November 1998.

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