Fairfax Community Mural

Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles. Parking lot of Canter's Deli. Sponsored by the Youth Department, Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, 1985. Acrylic, 12'x110'.
Designer and Artistic Supervisor: Art Mortimer. Collaborating Artists: Stephen Raul Anaya and Peri Fleischman. Adult School Coordinating Artist: Sandra B. Moss. 23 adults and 19 teens also collaborated. The mural is a collage in black and white, based on old photographs documenting Jewish history in Los Angeles from 1841 to 1985. It depicts the beginnings of Cedars Sinai Hospital, striking garment workers in 1900, Al Jolson singing in a synagogue and Sandy Koufax pitching for the Dodgers. This project involved seniors and youth, Jews and non-Jews, from the Fairfax neighborhood. (from Robin Dunitz, Street Gallery; Guide to 1000 Los Angeles Murals, 1993, p.87, and Brenda Rees, "Talking Walls; A guide to L.A.'s vast collection of murals, where artists paint snapshots of history and hope", Los Angeles Times Weekend Calendar, April 16, 1998, p. 8) Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement of the artists and their works, or of the authors of this site.

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Photos taken by Ruth Wallach, April 1997
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