Los Angeles: The Living City

Sandra Drinning

1990-1991. H & K Supermarket, Western Ave and 1st.

Coordinator: Robert Semon. Youth Assistants: Sue Giffin, Lesley E. Grant, Masekela Polee, "Spank", Samara Tanzawa. Volunteer Artists: Stuart Saks, Paul Tanzawa, Sara Wylie Walsh, Leet-Jaet Flamboyaet. Sponsored by Social and Public Art Resource Center. Made possible through a contract with the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles. Neighborhood Pride: Great Walls Unlimited.

According to Robin Dunitz, the mural depicts the city's diverse architecture and many personalities, such as a Domino's Pizza man, a pimp, a graffiti artist, a black Bart Simpson, etc. (Dunitz, Street Gallery, 1994, p. 76.)

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