Hispanic Hollywood

1991, Ignacio Gomez, Nosotros Theatre, exterior above entrance. 1314 N. Wilton at Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles.
Nosotros was founded by Ricardo Montalban, Rodolfo Hoyos and Henry Darrow in 1970. The purpose of the theatre is to promote persons of Spanish speaking origin in the motion picture and television industry. (from The Los Angeles Theatre Book; A Comprehensive Handbook for Playgoers)

The mural depicts past and present Latino and Latina actors, including Ramon Navarro, Lupe Velez, Carmen Miranda, Cantinflas, Anthony Quinn, Raquel Welch, Rita Moreno, Jimmy Smits, Raul Julia, and Andy Garcia. (from Robin Dunitz, Street Gallery; Guide to 1000 Los Angeles Murals, 1993, p. 93) Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement of the artists and their works, or of the authors of this site.

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Photos taken by Ruth Wallach in March, 1997.
Scanned by Carlos Romero Jr.