Goddess Resurrection

Rula Kaliroi, 1992

Wilcox and Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, California.

Acrylic, 11' x 36'. Owned by Michael Attie.

On the left side: 1992 Global catastrophe; antartic ozone hole - 60% depletion; northern hemisphere - 6% and growing; the 7 hottest years on record occured in last 11 years; contiguous U.S. old growth forest - 95% destroyed; tropical rainforest - 50% destroyed; at presnt (sic) rate remainder destroyed in 35 years; life forms - 20% of all species face extinction in next decade; U.S. alone - 5% world population 25% world pollution and energy use; world population doubled since 1950; doubled again mid 21st century; over one billion people malnourished; richest 1% of U.S. population have more wealth than poorest 90%.

On the right side: "Teach your children that the earth is our mother. Humans do not weave the web of life but are merely a strand in it. Whatever befalls the earth befalls her children and with all your strength with all your mind with all your heart preserve the earth for the children and love it. Its fate lies in your hands" Chief Seattle, 1854.

The image below is courtesy of Rula Kaliroi, photographed by Jeffoto and posted in 2010:

The image below is by Ruth Wallach, taken ca. 1998 and shows some of the building exterior where the mural appears:

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