Home Savings and Loan Building

9245 Wilshire Boulevard just east of Rexford, Beverly Hills/Los Angeles. The bank is now occupied by Chase Bank. Featured on this page are Millard Sheets - Untitled Mural (1953) - Italian glass tesserae mosaic, and two external sculptures by Renzo Fenci: Mother and Daughter; Father and Son. 9245 Wilshire. The Sheets mosaic represents images of local history. Sheets was assisted by James Michalski and Ronald Gerber. The exterior of the building is faced with Roman travertine. The Home Savings and Loan Association's seal, which was on the right of the entrance, was modeled in clay by Joseph Martineck from a design by Millard Sheets, and handmade in ceramic veneer by Gladding, McBean & Co. Gladding also made the entrance veneer. On the interior of the building, in the rear is a large stained glass window, detailing the history of money, savings, and banking. That window was planned by Sheets, who was assisted by Margaret Montgomery. The glass panels were carved by Leonard Carriere, and the glass made by Wallis-Wiley Studio in Pasadena. There was another sculpture by Renzo Fenci inside the building, of two female figures, one floating above the other. The executive suite on the second floor has a lion mosaic by Jean Ames and an enamel on copper design of a hunter by Arthur Ames. (see Ceramic News, July 1956, pp. 22-23).

Close up of the mosaics:

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