Corrido de Boyle Heights

East Los Streetscapers

1984. Payless Shoes store, 2336 Caesar Chavez Ave at Soto. Acrylic on stucco, 17' x 80'.

Artists: David Botello, Wayne Healy, George Yepes, assisted by Paul Botello, David Morin, and Ismael Cazarez. The mural shows Margarito Gutierrez playing fiddle, El Piporro playing the accordion, and a newlywed couple dancing. According to Robin Dunitz, "this mural is at least the third to occupy this same wall. In about 1974 Frank Romero covered 200 square feet with a whimsical spray can heart. In 1978 the Citywide Mural Project brought together several artists to paint OUR PEOPLE....In the early 1980s that mural was destroyed when new earthquake codes required Payless Shoes to add steel H-beams and make other improvements to its unreinforced masonry building." (Dunitz, Street Gallery, p.317)

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