A Mural Dedicated to Peace

Annie Sperling

1991, sponsored by the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance, and painted with the aid of local youth. Hyperion Ave and Sunset. The following appears on the mural inscription: Coordinator: Michael McKinley; painters: Charlene Gawa, Joe Madrid, Harris Sperling, David Dela Riva, J. Napolitano, Dionne Borens, Lori Fox, J. Carruthers, Louis Esquivez, Gene Serrano, G. Gonzalez; donations: SPARC, Dunn Edwards, Mann Bros., Cathay Services, Triangle Stage Co.; many thanks: Councilman Mike Woo, 13th District, Senator David Roberti, 23rd District, Concrete Blonde, A. Prie Boy, M. Gormely. To: Peace and Understanding.

According to Robin Dunitz, "this mural replaces another, Sunset Junction Street Fair, painted for the Citywide Mural Project in 1982 by Carlos Callejo and Louis Jacinto. That mural couldn't be saved as it was peeling off the wall. Both murals commemorate a local street fair....The Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance, a gay service group, introduced the fair in 1980 as a constructive way to combat gay-bashing and promote more tolerance and understanding in the community." (Street Gallery, 1993. p. 108)

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