The People of Sunset Junction

Annie Sperling

1994. Sunset, councilwoman Jackie Goldberg's field office.

From the inscription: Coordinated by: Michael McKinley. Mural painters: Annie Sperling, Maria Hernandez, Natividad and Abraham Fabian, Gil Saldivar, Phillip A. Chavez, Lucy De Leon, Asha Lazo, Adriana Sayavedra, Esser Alvarez, Chito Guzman, Essau Alvarez, Delia Sayavedra, Mario Hernandez, Omar Camacho, Veronica Palacios, Wendy Nave, Teresa Gonzalez, David Baraje, Christropher Bermudez. Special thanks to Brad Berger.

Goldberg's office provided Annie Sperling with a list of groups they wanted represented, which was drawn from demographic data of the district. The mural depicts figures that represent Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Armenia, Mexico, and "Black America." The figures are drawn in native costumes. The African American parent and child sit at a table reading a book. (Sojin Kim, Vital Signs: Signage, Graffiti, Murals, and "Sense of Place in Los Angeles, UCLA dissertation, 1997, p. 155)

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