Genocidal Tendencies

C. Ian White

1990. 6th Avenue at Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles. Acrylic.

From the inscription: Assistants: Norma P. James, Ishmael S. Lewis, Ernesto Torres, Njeri Spencer, Corey D. Williams. Sponsored by the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), made possible through a contract with the Cultural Affairs Department, City of Los Angeles, Neighborhood Pride Great Walls Unlimited. Mural restored 2009. Artist: C. Ian White. Assistants: Aundre W. Buyard, Alvaro D. Torres, P. Aristiel Smith, Cess Elizondo. Sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Department City of Los Angeles. Special Thanks to Councilmember Herb Weson Jr.

According to description in Robin Dunitz, three nuclear silos stand behind a young boy. The border is a circle of covered wagons, an outmoded method of defense symbolizing our society's false sense of security. (Dunitz, Street Gallery, 1993, p.213)

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