G. Byron Peck

2002, Poseidon School, 11803 W. Pico, Los Angeles.

Text from plaque: Assistants: Shayna cohen, Marmot, A. J. Slaqter, Alex Leslie, Kara Enger, Michael Geazarez, Natalie Prystay. Sponsored by the Social and Public Art Resource Center in conjunction with the Poseidon School and the Pico Beautification Project and made possible through a contract with the Cultural Affairs Department, City of Los Angeles. Great Walls Unlimited, Neighborhood Pride. Poseidon Artists: Raymond Alioth, Raynero Ramirez, Tony Arcero, Taykwana Robinson, Antoine Washington, Saul Betancourt, Kyle Maddox, Matthew Veltri, De Shawn Pearson, Brandon Harrison, Isabela Diaz.

This is the text in the book being held open by the Indian woman: I traveled 2000 miles to paint this mural. It is for the students of the school and the people of this community. It records my impressions of the California coast and mountains before and after development of the area. The Tongva Indian maiden holds a book with the portraits of Pio Pico and John Freemont, for whom the street was named. To her right is a view of the Japanese gardens and bean fields that once covered the area, before the houses and the studios. G. Byron Peck, 2002.

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