The Los Angeles and California Murals Files at the University of Southern California

donated by Robin Dunitz

July 2002



Robin Dunitz is the author of the following books:


      with James Prigoff, Painting the towns: murals of California. Los Angeles: RJD Enterprises, 1997;

      Street gallery: guide to 1000 Los Angeles murals, 2nd edition. Los Angeles, CA: RJD Enterprises, 1998;

      with James Prigoff, Walls of heritage, walls of pride: African American murals. San Francisco: Pomegranate, 2000.


The files represent Ms. Dunitz' personal collection of materials collected over the years of her involvement in documenting and preserving Los Angeles murals. They are available for consultation in the Architecture and Fine Arts Library, University of Southern California. For an appointment, contact the Library at (213) 740-1956, or e-mail

General Description of the Contents

The files contain a miscellany of information including, but not limited to:

artist interviews

artists' statements


exhibition announcements


newspaper and magazine articles





video and audiotapes

Listing of the Contents

Artist Files

Artist files are arranged alphabetically.
Classification: "A" for artist, followed by the appropriate letter of the alphabet and an accession number.


A-A-1. Adrem Creative. 3 items

A-A-2. Aguirre Uriarte, Mario. 2 items

A-A-3. Alewitz, Mike. 21 items

A-A-4. Alexander-Sykes, Jacqueline. 6 items

A-A-5. Alicia, Juana. 20 items

A-A-6. Alston, Charles. 23 items

A-A-7. Almaraz, Carlos. 6 items

A-A-8. Alonzo, Daniel. 1 item

A-A-9. Ames, Arthur and Jean Goodwin. 10 items

A-A-10. Anguiano, Raul. 3 items

A-A-11. Anno, Kim. 4 items

A-A-12. Ansell, Jill. 10 items

A-A-13. Arenivar, Robert. 1 item

A-A-14. Armstrong, Samuel. 1 item

A-A-15. Ausgang, Anthony. 4 items

A-A-16. Avalos, Guillermo. 4 items

A-A-17. Avila, Glenna Boltuch. 8 items



A-B-1. Baca, Judy. 45 items

A-B-2. Ballin, Hugo. 20 items

A-B-3. Baltazar, Raul. 4 items

A-B-4. Bardol, Francois. 5 items

A-B-5. Barron, Slater. 3 items

A-B-6. Bartels, Marlo. 4 items

A-B-7. Bartlett, Ivan. 3 items

A-B-8. Beckman, John Gabriel. 3 items

A-B-8.5. Bejarano, Guillermo. 2 items

A-B-9. Benish, Barbara. 9 items

A-B-10. Bergman, Miranda. 2 items

A-B-11. Berlant, Tony. 4 items

A-B-12. Biberman, Edward. 6 items

A-B-12.5. Bleifer, Sandy. 2 items

A-B-13. Bloch, Lucienne. 6 items

A-B-14. Bloomfield, Scott. 6 items

A-B-15. Bloomberg, Donald. 1 item

A-B-16. Bornstein, Noa. 13 items

A-B-17. Botello, David. 12 items

A-B-18. Botello, Paul. 29 items

A-B-19. Bowerman, Mark. 12 items

A-B-20. Boyd, Jane. 3 items

A-B-21. Boyle, Neal. 2 items

A-B-22. Brandiff, George. 1 item

A-B-23. Brandt, Richard. 6 items

A-B-24. Bravo, Joe. 2 items

A-B-25. Brown, Greg. 2 items

A-B-26. Brucelyn, Ruben. 5 items

A-B-27. Burciaga, Jose Antonio. 9 items




A-C-1. Callejo, Carlos. 2 items

A-C-2. Campero, Armando. 1 item

A-C-3. Campusano, Chuy. 5 items

A-C-4. Cardenas, Cristina. 2 items

A-C-5. Carr, Carla. 4 items

A-C-6. Carlton, Russell. 8 items

A-C-7. Carrasco, Barbara. 2 items

A-C-8. Cerney, John. 12 items

A-C-9. Cervantes, Susan Kelk. 6 items

A-C-10. Cervantez, Yreina. 10 items

A-C-11. Chaka. 2 items

A-C-12. Charlot, Jean. 2 items

A-C-13. Clark, Alson Skinner. 2 items

A-C-14. Clements, Grace. 9 items

A-C-15. Cockcroft, Eva. 50 items

A-C-16. Collins, Dan. 1 item

A-C-17. Conal, Robbie. 1 item

A-C-18. Cook, Brett. 1 item

A-C-19. Cookee of California. 3 items

A-C-20. Cornwell, Dean. 6 items

A-C-21. Cox, Allyn. 6 items

A-C-22. Cox, Anthony. 1 item

A-C-23. Cronk, Rip. 4 items

A-C-24. Crumpler, Dewey. 15 items




A-D-1. Davis, Alonzo. 24 items

A-D-2. Davis, Lew E. 7 items

A-D-3. Day, Lawrence. 4 items

A-D-4. de Batuc, Alfredo. 13 items

A-D-5. de Bruin, Joan. 3 items

A-D-6. de la Loza, Ernesto. 27 items

A-D-7. de la Rocha, Beto. 1 items

A-D-8. Delgado, Roberto Tito. 13 items

A-D-9. Dennis, Senay. 6 items

A-D-10. Deutsch, Boris. 3 items

A-D-11. Dike, Phil. 8 items

A-D-12. Dixon, Maynard. 7 items

A-D-13. Dore, Betty. 12 items

A-D-14. Douglas, Haldane. 2 items

A-D-15. Drinning, Sandra. 2 items

A-D-16. Duquette, Elizabeth. J. 1 item




A-E-1. Earth Crew. 48 items

A-E-2. East Los Streetscapers. 67 items

A-E-3. Edmonds, June. 5 items

A-E-4. Edwards, Eddie L. 10 items

A-E-5. Escamilla, Rafael Rivera. 8 items

A-E-6. Esparaza, Paul. 6 items

A-E-7. Estrada, John. 11 items

A-E-8. Evans (Mark) and Brown (Charles). 32 items

A-E-9. Eve, Elizabeth. 9 items




A-F-1. Falcon, Mario. 1 item

A-F-2. Fauve, Ramiro. 7 items

A-F-3. Feitelson, Lorser. 6 items

A-F-4. Felix, Charles. 1 item

A-F-5. Fergerson, Cecil. 16 items

A-F-6. Fichter, David. 2 items

A-F-7. Fields, Tim. 46 items

A-F-8. Fitzpatrick, Denis. 1 item

A-F-9. Flatmo, Duane. 27 items

A-F-10. Flores, Alfredo Diaz. 66 items

A-F-11. Flores, Elsa. 2 items

A-F-12. Foley, Cheryl. 8 items

A-F-13. Fontes, Dan. 2 items

A-F-14. Freeman, Charles. 10 items

A-F-15. Fukuhara, Trace Tres. 22 items




A-G-1. Galvez, Daniel. 7 items

A-G-2. Garcia, James. 2 items

A-G-3. Garcia, Margaret. 8 items

A-G-4. Garnsey, Julian Ellsworth. 1 item

A-G-5. Garrison, Elizabeth. 7 items

A-G-6. Gesshel, Barbara. 4 items

A-G-7. Giri, Joseph. 10 items

A-G-8. Gleason, Joe Duncan. 2 items

A-G-9. Gold, Betty. 1 item
A-G-10. Golden, Jane. 3 items

A-G-11. Gonzalez, Jose-Luis. 11 items

A-G-12. Gordon, David. 3 items

A-G-13. Granizo, Guillermo Wagner. 4 items

A-G-14. Grant, Leslie "Elektra". 2 items

A-G-15. Gray, Don. 1 item

A-G-16. Grey, Jennifer. 1 item

A-G-17. Griffith, Wim. 1 item

A-G-18. Gronk. 4 items

A-G-19. Gude, Olivia. 5 items

A-G-20. Guerin, Pixie. 9 items

A-G-21. Guston, Philip (aka Goldstein). 15 items

A-G-21. Gutierrez, Curtis. 1 item

A-G-22. Goguen, Aimee. 1 item.




A-H-1. Haas, Richard. 5 items

A-H-2. Hahn, Sonia. 2 items

A-H-3. Haines, Richard. 7 items

A-H-4. Hanrahan, M. B. 32 items

A-H-5. Haring, Keith. 1 item

A-H-6. Haro, Richard. 5 items

A-H-7. Harris, William Geoffrey. 3 items

A-H-8. Healy, Wayne. 12 items

A-H-9. Heinsbergen, Anthony. 7 items

A-H-10. Heller, Bessie. 1 item

A-H-11. Henderson, Victor. 5 items

A-H-12. Herron III, Willie. 14 items

A-H-13. Hertel, Susan. 1 item

A-H-14. Herweck, Roy. 11 items

A-H-15. Hirst, Pauline (Pauline Hirst French). 13 items

A-H-16. Hoyes, Bernard. 2 items

A-H-17. Hrdy, Olika. 7 items

A-H-18. Hughes, Mary-Linn. 3 items




A-I-1. Ituarte, Luis. 1 item




A-J-1. Jenkins, Ulysses. 1 item

A-J-2. Jensen, Lucy. 2 items

A-J-3. Jiminez, Richard. 1 item

A-J-4. Julian, Paul. 3 items

A-J-5 Jackson, Tomashi. 1 item.




A-K-1. Kadish, Reuben. 7 items

A-K-2. Kambon, Akinsanya. 2 items

A-K-3. Karlsen, Ann-Marie. 4 items

A-K-4. Kassler Jr., Charles. 9 items

A-K-5. Katz, Leo. 3 items

A-K-6. Kennedy, Norman. 1 item

A-K-7. Kitchel, Karen. 2 items

A-K-8. Komar and Melamid. 3 items

A-K-9. Ko, Kyongho Shin. 2 items

A-K-10. Kosa, Emil (Jr. and Sr.). 3 items

A-K-11. Kozloff, Joyce. 5 items




A-L-1. Labandt, Lucien. 4 items

A-L-2. Ladochy, Peter. 11 items

A-L-3. L.A. Fine Arts Squad. 1 item

A-L-4. Larsen, Nicolai. 15 items

A-L-5. Lebrun, Rico. 2 items

A-L-6. Le Chevallier, Georges. 7 items

A-L-7. Letelier, Francisco. 32 items

A-L-8. Lloyd, Lucile. 5 items

A-L-9. Lopez, Alma. 10 items

A-L-10. Lopez, David. 2 items

A-L-11. Lujan, Gilbert Sanchez. 5 items

A-L-12. Lundeberg, Helen. 27 items.

A-L-13. Lopez, Rafael. 1 item.

A-L-14. Lane, Doyle.  2 items




A-M-1. McDonald-Wright, Stanton. 7 items

A-M-2. McMahon, Alison. 9 items

A-M-3. McNeilly, Mike. 8 items

A-M-4. Madrid, Bill. 4 items

A-M-5. Mar, Darryl. 4 items

A-M-6. Martin, Fletcher. 3 items

A-M-7. Martinez, Daniel. 4 items

A-M-8. Martinez, Rudy. 1 item

A-M-9. Massenburg, Michael. 9 items

A-M-10. Massengill, Karena. 3 items

A-M-11. Matranga, Frank. 13 items

A-M-12. Mendoza, Ricardo. 15 items

A-M-13. Messick, Ben. 15 items

A-M-14. Middlebrook, Willie. 1 item

A-M-15. Miller, Suzanne. 7 items

A-M-16. Mohr, Patrick. 1 item

A-M-17. Montoya, Malaquias. 1 item

A-M-18. Moore, Melinda. 7 items

A-M-19. Mora, Isabel. 1 item

A-M-20. Mortimer, Art. 43 items

A-M-21. Mosley, David. 5 items

A-M-22. Moss, Sandra. 6 items

A-M-23. Mullen, Christina Miguel. 8 items

A-M-24. Myers, Mary. 1 item

A-M-25. Moctezuma, Alessandra. 1 item

A-M-26. Montalvo, Joseph. 1 item

A-M-27. Marka27. 1 item




A-N-1. Nelson, Kenton. 8 items

A-N-2. Neumann, Osha. 7 items

A-N-3. Nielsen, Kay. 7 items




A-O-1. Obregon, Michelle. 39 items

A-O-2. O'Connor, Denis. 3 items

A-O-3. Olguin, Muriel. 1 item

A-O-4. Olabisi, Noni.23 items

A-O-5. Orozco, Jose Clemente. 6 items

A-O-6. Ochoa, Victor. 1 item




A-P-1. Palmer, Gary. 46 items

A-P-2. Park, Dong-In. 12 items

A-P-3. Patrick, Alice. 26 items

A-P-4. Peck, G. Byron. 38 items

A-P-5. Pelayo, Pedro. 2 items

A-P-6. Petersen, Einar. 3 items

A-P-7. Petropoulos, Renee. 4 items

A-P-8. Phong, Ann. 5 items

A-P-9. Pickens, Gregory. 8 items

A-P-10. Pintaro, Jean. 3 items

A-P-11. Pinkney, Elliott. 62 items

A-P-12. Poethig, Johanna. 32 items

A-P-13. Poli, Alex (aka Man One). 12 items

A-P-14. Politi, Leo. 3 items

A-P-15. Ponce, Juan Hector. 30 items

A-P-16. Powers, Theresa. 2 items

A-P-17. Pueblo, Juan. 1 item

A-P-18. Pugh, John. 18 items

A-P-19. Parrish, Maxfield. 1 item




A-Q-1. Quezada. Peter. 72 items




A-R-1. Ramos Martinez, Alfredo. 16 items

A-R-2. Ramsess. 2 items

A-R-3. Ravenna Mosaic Co. 3 items

A-R-4. Reyes, Miguel Angel. 2 items

A-R-5. Reynoso, Abel. 3 items

A-R-6. Rigo. 2 items

A-R-7. Rios, Hector (Hex). 6 items

A-R-8. Rivera, Diego. 7 items

A-R-9. Rodriguez, Jerry. 4 items

A-R-10. Roker, Raymond Leon. 1 item

A-R-11. Romero, Frank. 23 items

A-R-12. Rosenwasser, Susan. 3 items

A-R-13. Royal Chicano Air Force. 4 items




A-S-1. Saar, Betye and Alison. 1 item

A-S-2. Salas, Roberto. 14 items

A-S-3. Samerjan, George. 5 items

A-S-4. Sample, Paul. 1 item

A-S-5. Sarantitis, Josh. 1 item

A-S-6. Scharff, Hanns. 1 item

A-S-7. Schlesinger, Christina. 11 items

A-S-8. Schnorr, Michael. 4 items

A-S-9. Schoonhoven, Terry. 24 items

A-S-10. Schoppe, Palmer. 2 items

A-S-11. Sheets, Millard. 15 items

A-S-12. Shore, Henrietta. 1 item

A-S-13. Shersher, Zinovy. 7 items

A-S-14. Shloss, Steve. 1 item

A-S-15. Sicre, Jorge. 4 items

A-S-16. Silva, Eliseo Art Arambulo. 45 items

A-S-17. Siqueiros, David Alfaro. 22 items

A-S-18. Skalr, Keith. 11 items

A-S-19. Soszynski, Gary. 2 items

A-S-20. Sperling, Annie. 10 items

A-S-21. Sportelli, George. 75 items

A-S-22. Steinbacher, Victor. 3 items

A-S-23. Stella, Frank. 2 items

A-S-24. Stepanian, Alysse. 2 items

A-S-25. Stewart, John N. 8 items

A-S-26. Stewart, Peter. 5 items

A-S-27. Stewart-Magee, Kevin. 4 items

A-S-28. Stokes, Kathleen. 1 item

A-S-29. Strang, Ed. 3 items

A-S-30. Sun, May. 5 items

A-S-31. Suriya, Thomas. 5 items

A-S-32. Swiggett, Jean. 5 items

A-S-33. Sykes, Roderick. 22 items

A-S-34. Stinsmuelheln-Amend, Susan. 1 item




A-T-1. Talbott, Dave. 3 items

A-T-2. Tauber, Mike. 12 items

A-T-3. Teeple, Scott. 10 items

A-T-4. Thiermann, Anne E. 11 items

A-T-5. Thomason, Barbara. 2 items

A-T-6. Three Friends. 14 items

A-T-7. Torero, Mario Acevedo. 4 items

A-T-8. Toro, Rafael. 40 items

A-T-9. Torrez, Eloy. 20 items

A-T-10. Totten, Donald. 2 items

A-T-11. Trevino, John. 1 item

A-T-12. Tunis, Bruce. 1 item

A-T-13. Twitchell, Kent. 123 items

A-T-14. Turner-Alvet (Nancy Turner and Peeter Alvet). 16 items




A-U-1. Ulianoff, Vsevolod. 1 item

A-U-2. Unzueta, Manuel. 4 items




A-V-1. Valadez, John. 13 items

A-V-2. Valenzuela, Ben. 26 items

A-V-3. Van Sant, Tom. 1 item

A-V-4. Vasquez, Emigdio. 31 items

A-V-5. Velasquez, Manuel. 5 items

A-V-6. Vigil, Frederico. 6 items

A-V-7. Von Euer, Judith. 3 items




A-W-1. Wagar, Claudia. 16 items

A-W-2. Wallace, Janet. 18 items

A-W-3. Warshaw, Howard. 3 items

A-W-4. Washington, Horace. 20 items

A-W-5. Weber, John Pitman. 27 items

A-W-6. Wehrle, John. 10 items

A-W-7. Wells, Daryl. 5 items

A-W-8. White, Charles. 46 items

A-W-9. White, C. Ian. 13 items

A-W-10. Whitworth, Jaye. 1 item

A-W-11. Williams, Keith. 18 items

A-W-12. Windbiel, Dona. 5 items

A-W-13. Winters, Emily. 3 items

A-W-14. Wiro. 2 items

A-W-15. Wolken, Ann. 3 items

A-W-16. Wong, Tyrus. 1 item

A-W-17. Wonprsata, Vibul. 3 items

A-W-18. Woodruff, Hale. 26 items

A-W-19. Wright, Michael Ragsdale. 8 items

A-W-20. Wyatt, Richard. 67 items

A-W-21. Wyland. 21 items




A-X-1. Xiao, Hui-Xiang. 3 items




A-Y-1. Yepes, George. 25 items

A-Y-2. Young, Joseph. 22 items




A-Z-1. Zhang, Shiyan. 9 items

A-Z-2. Zornes, Milford. 6 items

A-Z-3. Zorthian, Jirayr. 4 items



Geographic Files


Classification: G for geography, followed by an accession number.


G-1. Balmy Alley; San Francisco. 4 items

G-2. Burbank/Glendale. 7 items

G-3. California Mural Towns. 1 item

G-4. California State University at Long Beach Mural Class at VA Hospital. 18 items

G-5. Cayucos Mural Society. 23 items

G-6. Chicano Park; San Diego. 10 items

G-7. Claremont/Pomona. 32 items

G-8. Downtown Los Angeles. 55 items

G-9. East Los Angeles Murals. 80 items

G-10. Echo Park/Silverlake. 22 items

G-11. Eureka, CA. 8 items

G-12. El Segundo. 4 items

G-13. Fresno Area Murals. 14 items

G-14. Highland Park. 7 items

G-15. Hollywood Area. 20 items

G-16. Lake Tahoe Heritage Murals. 1 item

G-17. Alturas, Northern California. 2 items

G-18. Lompoc, CA. 32 items

G-19. Long Beach area. 44 items

G-20. Los Angeles area murals. 20 items

G-21. Mid City (Los Angeles). 14 items

G-22. Oakland. 5 items

G-23. Oceanside. Barrio Arte. 1 item

G-24. Palm Desert. 2 items

G-25. Pasadena. 20 items

G-26. Rincon Annex Post Office, San Francisco. 2 items

G-27. San Diego Artists and Muralists. 33 items

G-28. San Fernando Valley murals. 38 items

G-29. San Francisco murals. 23 items

G-30. Coit Tower; San Francisco. 2 items

G-31. Galeria de la Raza; San Francisco. 2 items

G-32. Maestrapeace; San Francisco. 7 items

G-33. Precita Eyes Mural Art Center; San Francisco. 10 items

G-34. San Joaquin Valley murals. 9 items

G-35. San Jose area. 8 items

G-36. San Pedro. 6 items

G-37. Santa Barbara area. 12 items

G-38. Santa Cruz County. 4 items

G-39. Santa Monica. 12 items

G-40. Seacliff Village, Huntington Beach. 24 items

G-41. Self Help Graphics Arts Center; Boyle Heights. 5 items

G-42. Sonoma County. 9 items

G-43. South Los Angeles. 40 items

G-44. Susanville, Lassen County. 13 items

G-45. Twentynine Palms. 26 items

G-46. Venice. 14 items

G-47. Venice; Graffiti Pit. 5 items

G-48. Ventura county murals. 9 items

G-49. Watts, Compton, Vernon. 14 items

G-50. West Los Angeles. 34 items

G-51. Lindsay, California. 3 items

G-52. San Fernando Valley Bar Association. 1 item

G-53. Norco. 1 item

G-54. Franklin Middle School. 1 item

G-55. Del Mar Library. 1 item

G-56. Vista, California. 1 item

G-57. Santa Paula. 1 item

G-58. Tulare County. 2 items


Miscellany Files


Organizations, calendars, tapes, and other miscellanies.
Classification: M for Miscellany, followed by an accession number.


M-1. African American Art in Los Angeles. 20 items

M-2. Barrio Warriors Magazine. 1 item

M-2.5 Billboard and Bus Art, Los Angeles

M-3. Church Art and Architecture. 1 item

M-4. Citywide Mural Project. 6 items

M-5. Compton Communicative Arts Academy, 1970-1974. 1 item

M-6. Fresco. 1 item

M-7. Global Mural Conferences. 18 items

M-8. Guided Imagery; Linda Hoffman. 3 items

M-9. Great Wall of Los Angeles. 8 items

M-10. ILWU Mural/Sculpture San Francisco. 4 items

M-11. Inner City Mural Program, 1973-1974. 1 item

M-12. International Community Artists Planning Conference. 5 items

M-13. Jewish Murals. 6 items

M-14. Los Angeles City Historical Society. 42 items

M-15. Los Angeles Conservancy. 71 items

M-16. Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. 16 items

M-17. Legal Issues Regarding Murals. 1 item

M-18. Media Projects About Murals. 13 items

M-19. Metro-Rail Art Program. 131 items

M-20. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles Meeting Minutes. 15 packets

M-21. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles Newsletter. 48 items

M-22. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles Mural Conservation. 25 items

M-23. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles General Information. 15 items

M-24. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles workshop; Fairfax High, 1991. 40 items

M-25. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles map and guides. 6 items

M-26. Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles; tours. 58 items

M-27. Murals policy, City of Los Angeles. 3 items

M-28. National New Deal Preservation Association. 12 items

M-29. National Society of Mural Painters. 1 item

M-30. New Deal murals in California; articles, etc. 18 items

M-31. New Deal, California Exhibit; De Saisset gallery, 1976. 2 items

M-32. Olympic Murals, 1984. 15 items

M-33. School Murals. 63 items

M-34. Southern California Library for Social Research. 24 items

M-35. Social and Public Art Resource Center. Mural Maintenance and Inventory Program, November 16, 1993. 10 items

M-36. Social and Public Art Resource Center. Mural inventory. 45 items

M-37. SPARC Plug. 8 items

M-38. Great Walls Unlimited: Neighborhood Pride. 28 items

M-38. Social and Public Art Resource Center, tours. 22 items

M-39. Social and Public Art Resource Center, general information. 16 items

M-40. Social and Public Art Resource Center, exhibits. 16 items

M-41. Spraycan artists. 23 items

M-42. Street Gallery Testimonials. 16 items

M-43. L.A. Theater Murals; notes. 20 items

M-44. Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride Exhibit at CSU Dominguez Hills, Feb 2002. 16 items

M-45. Walls of Pride: African American Murals of South L.A. and Beyond, June-July 2001. 12 items

M-46. Women artists. 1 item

M-47. World Cup Soccer, Los Angeles, 1994. 3 items

M-48. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Made in California. 74 items

M-49. Getty Research Institute. 2 items

M-50. California Readers. 1 item

M-51. Home Savings. 2 items

M-52. Crewest Gallery. 1 item

M-53. Graffiti Art. 75 items



In addition, the Dunitz archive includes the following items:



Ruth Wallach, 10/2002. Updated 4/2007, 3/2008.

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