Youth Triumphant (or The Four Cornerstones of American Democracy) Fountain

Frederick William Schweigardt (d. 1948), (1933?), Alumni Park. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carman-Ryles in memory of their son, Edward L. Prentiss. Formally presented to the University at a dedication ceremony in November 1935. The original was displayed in San Diego in 1935 during the California Pacific International Exposition. It was known there as the Fountain of the Four Cornerstones of American Democracy; it is now called Youth Triumphant, after the figure at the top. The fountain is reported to have received an award at the Exposition. The kneeling figures symbolize Community, Home, School, and Church. The figures were called "modest maidens" on whose shoulders the world rests. The fountain was damaged by falling trees in a wind storm in 1976, and recast and reinstated in 1979. The restoration project had financial assistance from the Trojan League of Los Angeles, and was headed by sculptor Brian Coleman.

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