Widney Alumni Building, USC

First USC building. Opened on October 6, 1880. E. F. Kysor & Octavius Morgan, architects. The building has been moved several times. In the 1930s Lawrence Test made it into a "colonial-style" building by painting the building white and adding green shutters. In 1977, Gin D. Wong Associates, architects, restored the building. The historic photographs linked to this page are courtesy of University Archives. The building is currently located between the Argue plaza and Figueroa Boulevard. Text from the plaque says: The oldest university building in Southern California. Dedicated on September 4, 1880, this original building of the University of Southern California has been in use continuously for educational purposes since its doors were first opened to students on October 6, 1880 by the University's first president, Marion McKinley Bovard. The building was constructed on land donated by Ozro W. Childs, John G. Downy and Isaias W. Hellman, under the guiding hand of Judge Robert M. Widney, the University's leading Founder. Historical Landmark no. 536. California State Park Commission plaque placed September 4, 1955, on the occasion of the University of Southern California's 75th anniversary year.

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