Passages Collide as Knowledge Advances

Christy Decker, 2007

Wrigley Institute, Allan Hancock Building (4th floor). University of Southern California. Text from the plaque: USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. Passages Collide as Knowledge Advances. Artwork by Christy Decker, Master of Public Art Studies, USC 2007. The three panels represent the passage that Wrigley students, professors, employees and other scientists take as they travel from the University of Southern California to Long Beach to Catalina Island. This passage is both represented by the identifiable landscape, but also metaphorica[lly] in representing the passages we take to understand marine and coastal ecosystems.

Image of the entire mural before installation. Photograph courtesy of Christy Decker:

Images of the mural as seen on the fourth floor of the Hancock building:

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