Archimedes Plaza

Enginnering School, University of Southern California. The Tau Beta Pi Association memorial to David M. Wilson is seen in the image to the right. Archimedes Plaza also includes a marker in memory of Zohrab Arakel Kaprelian, and a marker of the Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society.

Archimedes Plaza probably developed incrementally. It originally had more hardscape and less greenery. The plaza was constructed in concurrence with the construction of Olin Hall and Vivian Hall (1963 and 1966-67, respectively). The fountain and the sculpture by Suzanne Pascal were added in the early-mid 1980s in recognition of the donation by trustee Paul Trousdale to beautify and rename University Avenue to Trousdale Parkway prior to the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Mr. Trousdale apparently gave the fountain to USC. Placement on Trousdale Parkway was considered, but the fountain proved too large. Consequently, it was placed in Archimedes Plaza.

The quad was officially called Archimedes Plaza prior to the fountain project. The Archimedes Circle, a support group for the Viterbi School of Engineering, was formed in 1961, so the Plaza may have been named in honor of their donation.

The Graduates (or Pascal) Fountain by Suzanne Pascal used to stand in the plaza. It was moved in 2013. In 2012-2013 Archimedes Plaza underwent redesign, with a new fountain and new seating installed. In 2014 it was renamed Epstein Family Plaza in honor of Dan Epstein.

View of Archimedes Plaza looking east:
View of Archimedes Plaza looking west, with the Tau Beta Pi memorial in the foreground:

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