Merrell Gage, Taper Hall for the Humanities. University of Southern California.


From the Daily Trojan, Vol. 41, No. 44, November 10, 1949, page 2: "Prometheus, the Greek deity who took fire from the sun to give to man, is the theme of the architectural sculpture on the side of the new Letters, Arts, and Science building.
Sculptured by Merrell Gage, associate professor of fine arts, Prometheus is symbolical of the development of arts and sciences which resulted through knowledge of - fire.
'Choosing the ancient Greek mythological figure is appropriate in the present age,' said Gage, 'for today, man also has taken the atomic fire, of which he is both so proud and so afraid, from the sun.'
The seven - and - one- half-foot work was done in record time to keep pace with the building contractors. The concrete had to be poured during the early construction work because the figure is only 5-feet from the ground."

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