Public Art Works at the Union Station and in El Pueblo

This page includes public art resources which may be found at the Union Station, the Gateway Transit Center (MTA), and the historic El Pueblo district. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement of the artists and their works, or of the authors of this site.

Union Station

  • Facade, waiting areas, fountain at Union Station
  • Kathryn Donatelli and others. The Story of Water in Southern California, Alameda station (near Union Station). Temporary mural project, removed in 1999.
  • Multi-part environment in the Union Station east lobby, conceived by Richard Wyatt, May Sun, and Paul Diez, City of Dreams/River of History, 1995.
  • Bill Bell, Atrain, 1996.

    Gateway Transit Center

    Much of the work on the Gateway Transit Center is sponsored by MTA and the Catellus Development Corporation.

    El Pueblo/Olvera Street District

    To Public Art in Downtown Los Angeles

    Photos taken by Ruth Wallach, 1996-
    Updated 5/2021