L. A. Freeway Kids

South Side of the Hollywood Freeway, between the Los Angeles and Main Street overpasses. The mural was completed in 1984, in celebration of the Los Angeles Olympics of that year. In the mural, large figures between 18' and 22' tall represent a racial and ethnic cross section of city children. The caption on the mural reads: Artist/Designer - Glenna Boltuch. Assistants: Jesse Avila, Alan Boltuch, Jan Cook, Margaret Garcia, Mary Suarez, Eloy Torrez, John Valdez. Special thanks to Rod Sakai/Los Angeles Murals Program, Bob Goodell/CalTrans.

  • Background information on the mural
  • A short biography of Glenna Boltuch Avila

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    Photos taken by Ruth Wallach in March, 1997.
    Scanned by Carlos Romero Jr.