Commemorative Plaques

Pavement plaques, El Pueblo/Olvera Street, Los Angeles.

The plaques commemorate specific historic individuals, such as the founders of the pueblo, and events in English and Spanish, and are arranged in a circle around the plaza, embedded in the pavement.

First mayor of Los Angeles under United States rule: Before 1850, the chief executive of the pueblo was the alcalde, who sat on the ayuntamiento (council) and served as both mayor and judge. The office of the mayor and the Common Council were established when the city was incorporated in 1850. Alpheus P. Hodges, a physician, was elected the first Mayor of Los Angeles, serving from 1850-51. He acted as both Mayor and County Coroner.

City of Los Angeles Bicentennial Historical Plaque: This plaque formally dedicated in the Los Angeles Bicentennial Year of 1981 by: Mayor, Tom Bradley, City of Los Angeles; Councilman 9th District, Gilbert Lindsay; City Engineer, Donald Tilman.

On September 4, 1781, eleven families of pobladores (44 persons including children) arrived at this place from the Gulf of California to establish a pueblo which was to become the city of Los Angeles. This colonization ordered by King Carlos III of Spain was carried out under the direction of Governor Felipe de Neve. Not until 77 years later were the boundaries of the four square leagues of the original pueblo formally established and confirmed to the city by the U.S. land commission. Notes of U. S. deputy surveyor Henry Hancock record the survey. "Commenced September 13, 1858, at the center of the plaza in front of the catholic which point I set a post marked C. L. A. (City of Los Angeles)." This marker at the center of the original pueblo is an exact replica of the posts which once marked the boundaries. The final map by Hancock was used as the design of this plaque.

The Founders of El Pueblo de Los Angeles: The names of the eleven founders of Los Angeles, originally known as El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles sobre el Rio de la Porciuncula, (the town of the Queen of the Angels on the River Porciuncula), are listed in plaques around the Plaza circle.

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Photos taken by Ruth Wallach, February 2006