Nick Patsaouras

Bust of Nick Patsaouras, 1943-, Metro Transit Plaza, Union Station.
Caption on bust reads:
"Transportation should not simply be the random movement of people. At its best, it can bring people together spiritually as well as physically, as it speeds them towards their destinations. A great transit center should, therefore, teach people about where they come from, celebrate the place where they have arrived, and inspire them as they continue on their journey."

Nick Patsaouras (1943-)
Who recognizes, as did his Greek forebears that the quality with which we build our civic buildings and public spaces is a reflection of the value we place in our democratic institutions.

In gratitude for his vision, leadership, and perseverance in guiding the planning, design, and realization of the MTA Headquarters Building and this Transit Plaza.

Caltrans Development Corporation
November, 1996.

To: Union Station and El Pueblo

Photos taken by Ruth Wallach, 1997