Mayan Theater

1040 S. Hill St. 1927, Morgan, Walls, and Clements, architects. Bas relief facade with mayan figures by Francisco Cornejo.

Additional information about the building from The Architectural Digest, volume VI, no. 4, p. 8:

    Builders: Scofield Engineering-Construction Company
    Art Stone: Mission Staff & Stone Company Inc.
    Carpets and Draperies: Barker Bros., Inc.
    Decorator: Richard Sobieraj
    Hardware: Earle Hardware Mfg. Company
    Hardwood Floors: A. B. Rice Floor Company
    Hollow Tile: Galdding, McBean & Company
    Lighting Fixtures: The Forve Company Inc.
    Marble and Tile: pacific Tile & Marble Company
    Panel Board and Main Switchboards: Diamond Electrical Mfg. Company
    Plastering Contractor: E. V. Fallgren
    Plumbing Fixtures: Crane Company
    Sandblasting of Woodwork: G. C. Hewitt
    Staff Contractor: E. V. Fallgren
    Temperature Regulation: Johnson Service Company
    Ventilating Equipment: The B. F. Sturtevant Company

Details of the Francisco Cornejo bas relief work:

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