"Our Future"

Martha Rosler with Josh Neufeld, Sunset Boulevard west of Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, February-March 2010. Part of "How Many Billboards? Art in Stead" temporary project organized by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture.

"Rosler uses the billboard as a site for social critique in addition to art making. In collaboration with graphic novelist Josh Neufeld, the artist emphasizes the desperate need for Americans to come together to address today's social inequities in order to secure our own future. Their references to California's "seismic shift" in the allocation of resources to prisons-as opposed to schools-and the unacknowledged power of corporations within the University of California system localize a national concern for Angelenos walking or driving by the billboard." - text from a longer description by Lisa Henry, http://www.howmanybillboards.org/, accessed 03/2010.

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