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He held out his slender fingers, volley tap, Di sounded: "Long as the front" Dark golden light array, a fierce burst of dazzling dark gold light, as if a dark golden sun, a huge dark gold beam and shoved from the Spirit Pushe array. "Aura also prescribe the mark, but also give you one" Husbandry dust flexor of a bomb, an ice-blue aura snatched mark this day order they reveal the imprint of Reiki, I am afraid that can directly upgrade to seven imprint around. But their surprise did not last long, he is gradually learned what had happened, and then surprised many people are everywhere, even to take the impact of dust, animal husbandry, environment Babel yet? This guy really is a perverted ah. wholesale nike nfl jerseys china Three older students wanted to come to rest in the northern border appear pale. Lingxi first cicada tap, immediately look for a move, look to the King that some movement of the curtains. Seeing the white Xuan, only a bite, not at this time shot, quickly cover your own spiritual power operation.

Dean too Cang final stop before that pavilion, he looked up on the top floor, eyes slightly narrowed, apparently felt some familiar fluctuations, it seems the North Cang those old guys on the mainland, are also deployed of it. "Oh, Bailong centuries gone, again unscarred ah" That road black shadow appeared, it is to see that the road to the white robes of light and shadow, Dan Xiao sound, resounded through the world. It shares the spiritual power, into dust, animal husbandry body, immediately with its own spiritual power is integration, and in that instant fusion, dust, animal husbandry, direct in vivo is deep broke out of Black Mountain, Black Mountain that, permeated with vivo animal husbandry dust every corner. cheap nfl jerseys from china His laughter broke the stalemate of some atmosphere, the rest of the people also have to say anything, but obviously Duoliaoyifen goodwill between the words, did not dare to make things difficult for the heart. Visible shock waves rippling off spiritual power, spiritual power interweave two share erosion, Enron Qiaolian is slightly changed at this time, she could feel the spiritual power when the impact of the two stocks together, herd dust that dark and spiritual power actually is handed directly towards me, black inflammation rising, even her spirit is life and life's forces are burning away.

At the same time, North Cang Ling hospital. nfl jerseys cheap china Dragons thunder resounded, black and white dragon storm swept out of the two, and finally collided aggressive on that distant sky, suddenly, between heaven and earth thunder masterpiece, gales. nfl jerseys china In the bottom of that, the parties are strong inside and looked up at that huge tornado, where the two men are staring at a space Gangfeng raging fierce fight, that see a lot of people secretly raspberry, two guy, really skilled are bold, and that space is filled with turmoil Gang Feng, a mistake, they will pay a heavy price. Everyone knows that once the dust, animal husbandry, within a month to break into the sky territory, he probably will be allowed to participate in the "Holy Mountain" opened on the mainland north Cang, and for this, a lot of homes in North Cang Ling and older students are not strange, because it regarded the hearts of the entire North Cang Ling stems hospital, after all, as the continent of North Cang true giant, but not even this hospital north Cang Ling Cang north on the mainland younger generation's top events are unable to participate, which from some extent, so that was their spiritual homes north face some ugly dark green, the outside world also has some of this baseless rumor, it makes a lot of students have heart grievances, some of sectarian, familial use of resources out of the heap of genius only, if you really better than words, how better than those in North Cang Ling after leaving the hospital, get Hewei name gurus in the wider world? They walked out of the hospital in North Cang Ling How many supreme? And in the wider world of dazzling, and these forces, but also cultivate a number? If those go out are considered supreme in the North Cang Ling hospital, then I am afraid the whole continent of North Cang fear is going to be shaking.