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"Original accordance with normal procedures, now that you have is to achieve qualification" White-haired old man faint smile, said: "There is only the last hurdle, but the level is not for everyone, but for more than get the mark has seven students" Hall, those who have a heart mark is more than seven jump, and then look to the white-haired old man sight. nfl jerseys from china And fought. nfl jerseys china He held out his slender fingers, volley tap, Di sounded: "Long as the front" Dark golden light array, a fierce burst of dazzling dark gold light, as if a dark golden sun, a huge dark gold beam and shoved from the Spirit Pushe array. cheap nike nfl jerseys china Dust, animal husbandry, continuous deep breath, and after a long time, just a little recovered from his somewhat haggard sat on the ground, licked his dry mouth, the black depths of the eye, it is with flames burning, It is a kind of force of desire and pursuit, only has enough power, he was able to protect the people he wants to protect, he can really standing in front of the Los glass, is that he likes girls, all Dangxia Storm! He can also regardless of whether the family rushed to the mystery of where her mother, she was brought out, back to the father's side, so that their family reunited! Dust, animal husbandry, palm slowly clenched, eyes flames surging, his heart seems to be in the ring with a growl, he must get to it! Now he needs more information! Dust, animal husbandry mind once again sink into the sea air, induction footmarks information within the ancient mystery of black paper implied, and this time, but also with some of the complex and obscure information appeared in their minds.

Jiu bird a lag, severely cut the dust, animal husbandry, a, a wings: "I jiu bird family, it is also just an adult" Dust, animal husbandry, heard suddenly surprised, said: "just adult so powerful?" Jiu bird proud raised slender and elegant neck, said: "You really scared when only humans have the talent you only change my life" Animal husbandry and dust Momobizi. He is now, but it is a freshman at North School and Shen Ling Cang common people compete so long But I never thought, after another beyond the two. And now, the common people sink even go there to practice? Shen common people smiled and said: "If even this fear, but also talk about the war days beyond Qin seniors, Li Xuan Tong, I'm going to the hospital spirit competitions, and those major spiritual genius evildoer hospital under a high, you? Is it to continue so tepid it, wait for the dust, animal husbandry, will you go beyond it? " Li Xuan Tong silent a moment, immediately put his hands behind his head, he looked at the distant spiritual power beam, that look is a little sharp up.

Dust, animal husbandry, and Li Qing fall unto the edge of the basin, but when they appear, that far, but it is with a projection from the pernicious fierce eyes. Of a sea of?blood pouring out, that seems to come from the wicked and wild Pacific gas, was actually the flower mandala involved gradually to force a halt.