All Roads Lead to Westwood

Robert Baer, 2001. Sidewalk project on Weyburn Avenue between Westwood Boulevard and Broxton Avenue in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Information below is excerpted from an article by Mary Williams, titled "Rocky Road", which appeared in the UCLA newspaper Daily Bruin on April 13, 2001: "Even though it may not feel like it to the confused student, lost somewhere in Hollywood and desperately trying to find a way back to the dorms, all roads lead to Westwood.... The artwork, installed in the north and south sidewalks of Weyburn Avenue, between Westwood Boulevard and Broxton Avenue, consists of tiles inscribed with the names of the many famous streets which do, in fact, lead to Westwood. Alongside these larger tiles are smaller ones offering cryptic directions, arrows that dont necessarily point to anything, compasses, and dice.... The road to installing All Roads, however, was a long one, with the process taking three and a half years. Public funding for the art, totaling about $60,000, was the result of a Los Angeles law that allocates 1 percent of funds spent on new construction to public works of art. In this case, the new construction was the parking garage of Broxton Avenue."

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