Electric Fountain

1931, Robert Merrell Gage (sculptor), Ralph Carlin Flewelling (architect). Wilshire Boulevard corner with Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills.This is one of three electric fountains in the Los Angeles area. the other electric fountains are located in Pasadena and near Griffith Park.

Text from the plaque: This ground was purchased and developed into a park by the property owners of Beverly Hills north of Santa Monica Boulevard who have donated it to the city, all under the sponsorship of The Beverly Hills Residential Protective Association whose officers and directors are R. V. Morrison, President. Vice Presidents: W. A. Alderson; Edward P. Dentzel; Warde Fowler; Wm. B. Joyce; A. E. McManus; Conrad Nagel; C. A. Scull; John F. Starr; C. H. Wyant. Directors: Mrs. W. A. Alderson; P. F. Benedict; Lee Champion; Mrs. Edward P. Dentzel; A. R. Draves; Mrs. M. J. Gilbert; Frank C. Hedger; W. B. Hunnewell; Earl C. Jameson; Ward Lascelle; Parker M. Lewis; Ralph P. Lewis; W. D. Longyear; A. G. Mauss; E. M. Mauss; Mrs. R. V. Morrison; Mrs. J. E. Orbison; J. E. Orbison; G. M. Pardee; Charles Pfeiffer; Frederick M. Pitt; Paris B. Reeves; J. W. Ruffner; Mrs. W. S. Sessions; W. S. Sessions; Ivan Siegrist; Jacob. J. Siegrist; Elizabeth Lloyd Smith. Dedicated A. D. 1931. Cook, Hall and Cornell - Landscape Architects. For this fountain: Ralph C. Flewelling - Architect; Merrell Gage - Sculptor.

Electric fountain is said to have stopped traffic for hours when unveiled in 1931. (quoted in "Fountain Blues", New West, April 25, 1977.) Originally, the Fountain's water jets and color effects were timed to give 60 different combinations every 8 minutes. Total cost of the Fountain was $22,000, $8,000 of which was spent for electrical equipment and wiring. (From "Request for Determination of Eligibility for Inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places," prepared by Lois M. Webb and George Casen, p.2.)
Jennifer Ring, "Splash and Spray Around LA; A Tour of Some of the City's Classier Spouts," Westways, September 1972.

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