James Dean

1955-1956, Kenneth Kendall. Griffith Park, outside the Griffith Observatory. Los Angeles.

Text from the plaque: James Dean 1931 1955/ This is not a monument to a rebel, those were only roles he played. James Dean was an American original who on a basis of high school honors and in a period of five years time rose to the very pinnacle of the theatrical profession and through the magic of motion pictures lives on in legend./ Presented in 1988 by the artist Kenneth Kendall who sculpted it in 1955-1956 at the request of James Dean and dedicates it to his memory./ It ended with his body changed to light/A star that burns forever in that sky/ "The flight of Quetalcoatl"/ Aztec poem.


Text from the plaque: Key scenes from the classic motion picture "Rebel Without a Cause" were filmed at Griffith Observatory in Spring 1955. Although many movies have been filmed at Griffith Observatory, "Rebel Without a Cuase" was the first to portray the observatory as what it is and to contribute positively to the observatory's international reputation. This monument acnowledges Griffith Observatory's long and continuous involvement with Hollywood film production by remembering the young star of that motion picture./ James Dean

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