1995, Barbara McCarren. Culver City City Hall. From the artist's description (courtesy of Barbara McCarren):

Commissioning Body: City of Culver City, 1995

Collaborative Members: David Goodale and Jill Montgomery of CHCG Architects, Mark Winogrand and Debbie Rich of Culver City Redevelopment Agency.

Project Description:

In this project it was the artist's intent to draw attention, in an interactive way, to the City's colorful past or parallel history through "Panoramic."

"Panoramic" is the title of a sculpture representative of a movie camera. The sculpture is actually a viewing box for a set of 33 images showing historic aspects of Culver City's colorful past. The images are divided into categories; the first section welcomes the viewer to "The Heart of Screenland." The second section is entitled Friendly Service with photos of the Policy and Fire Departments. The third category, The Heart of Screenland, shows both RKO Pathe and MGM Studios with famous movie stills. The fourth section is Parades and Nightlife with photos of celebrations, the distillery, nightclubs and performers. Of to the Races shows the Culver City Horse and Dog Racing Tracks. The final category shows The Many Phases of City Hall.

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