Memorial Walk

Santa Monica Boulevard west of Crescent Heights, West Hollywood.

West Hollywood memorial Walk benefiting Aid for AIDS. The West Hollywood memorial Walk is both a tribute to those we have lost and a promise to continue our commitment to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS. The bronze memorial plaques that line the sidewalks of Santa Monica bouelvard are a visual reminder of how the AIDS epidemic has impacted the very heart of our community. A project of Aid for AIDS in cooperation with the City of West Hollywood.
"Healers, Shamans, Two Spirits, From a place of wonder and magic we were born to a place of misunderstanding and hatred we have been taken. Now in the new millennium and forward, we deliver ourselves back to our rightful place. Along this journey many of our Trans and Gender Gifted family members have fallen. It is in the beauty of their light that we place this memorial. This solid resolve by which they lived their truth is represented here and serves as a reminder that when we are strong, we are not just strong for ourselves, but for all of us." Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial/November 20, 2009. Placed here by the West Hollywood City Council/West Hollywood Transgender Task Force.

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