Mother of Humanity(TM); Symbol of Our Times

1996. Nijel BPG, sculptor. Assistant sculptor: Jean Cherie; molds: Reije Andersson Fine Arts Studio; foundry: Artisan Bronze; engineer: Mike Ishler; landscape: Joe Addo Studios. 10950 Central Ave, Los Angeles.

The image of this 16 foot bronze sculpture is included here courtesy of the artist, Nijel BPG. Additional information about the sculpture may be found at the Mother of Humanity web site.

The Mother of Humanity(TM) name and related images are trademarks of Nijart International. All rights reserved.
"Nijel BPT, created the Mother of Humanity(TM) monument
following the April 29, 1992 Los Angeles Rebellions.
As one of the world's largest bronze sculptures to illustrate the origins of man,
the sculpture portrays features of all ethnic groups
to exemplify the cultural diversity of the world's new universal mother.
The Mother of Humanity(TM) was unveiled May 11, 1996
at the Watts Labor Community Action Committee in Watts.
It is the first of 7 identical models to be placed in
Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Spain."
(quote from promotional video.)

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